Restoring a Legacy .....

Historic Dempsey D. Butler Cemetery located in Camden NJ is a 144 year old African American and Civil War Union Soldier burial site.

Restoration is greatly needed to perserve this landmark and to revive a "forgotten Legacy" in the neighborhood of Centerville.

PLEASE join Friends of Butler Cemetery Association in restoring the Legacy by making a donation through Heart of Camden

OR you may donate building materials to replace hairpin fencing, benches, cemetery markers and walkways.

Thank you for your support!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seating at Butler in 2009

Part of the restoration involves the replacement of all the bench seating at Butler Cemetery.

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Sovonne said...

As you can see ... this bench at Butler must be replaced! The elements have taken its toll on all the seating at the cemetery. It is surprising that anyone can seat on them without breaking the bench into pieces.