Restoring a Legacy .....

Historic Dempsey D. Butler Cemetery located in Camden NJ is a 144 year old African American and Civil War Union Soldier burial site.

Restoration is greatly needed to perserve this landmark and to revive a "forgotten Legacy" in the neighborhood of Centerville.

PLEASE join Friends of Butler Cemetery Association in restoring the Legacy by making a donation through Heart of Camden

OR you may donate building materials to replace hairpin fencing, benches, cemetery markers and walkways.

Thank you for your support!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Butler Restoration Project

We are down to the final quarter this year for clean ups!
Remaining dates are: October 23 . November 20 . December 11

The grounds are becoming much more manageable, however I am still praying for enough
in donations to begin some restoration works. Here are the targets and estimated costs:

Butler Restoration Project Cost for "Materials Only" -
Labor donated by NAMC (National Assoc. of Minority Contractors), NJ Chapter
- Pres.
Yocontalie. Jackson
  • Repair existing Hairpin fence
  • Replace cyclone fence w/Hairpin fence
  • Repair benches with weather resisted Trex type seating
  • Add D.D. Butler Historical Marker
  • Install granite base and new granite Veteran Headstones
  • Replace Cemetery plaque (granite)
  • Resurface walkways with yellow or sandy color chipped marble
  • Minor landscaping
  • Solar flagpole light
Estimated cost for repairs - $14,500.00


TCasteel said...

Good luck on your restoration. It is amazing how much even the smallest projects can cost.

Sovonne said...

You are correct... The cost of some of the items, I am certain, have increased already!

Thank you for your support ... please keep the site moving. Send the link to others!