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Historic Dempsey D. Butler Cemetery located in Camden NJ is a 144 year old African American and Civil War Union Soldier burial site.

Restoration is greatly needed to perserve this landmark and to revive a "forgotten Legacy" in the neighborhood of Centerville.

PLEASE join Friends of Butler Cemetery Association in restoring the Legacy by making a donation through Heart of Camden

OR you may donate building materials to replace hairpin fencing, benches, cemetery markers and walkways.

Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Non Profit Awareness ---- THAT'S WHAT L3 COM EAST IS ABOUT!

I had a blast representing "Friends of Butler" at L3 Com today..... With the help of long time FBC supporter Shirley Caldwell, The Legacy was most definitely shared!

Thanks to the research of Ann King, I was able to add to the display, Camden NJ Civil War Recruitment posters, copies of Pension records, and a copy of the original black and white photo of James Hardcastle's (interred at Butler) 25th Regiment (of which he just may be present).

 Many had never heard of Dempsey Butler and welcomed the opportunity to learn more about his accomplishments and philanthropic contributions to early Camden City. One such visitor was Richard Stern shown below acquiring Cemetery literature and the MUCH sought after "Friends of Butler" 2010 Calendar!

United States Colored Troop 25th Regiment, Camp WIlliam Penn 
Our own James Hardcastle just may
be present in this photo.
"click photo to enlarge view"

My gratitude to Barry Lem, it is through his efforts that FBC was given a second opportunity to get the message out to the L3 Team at the Camden East location! In addition FBC has been asked to return for "Make a Difference Day!

Sovonne Ukam and L3 employee Richard Stern

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